how to find and use your hidden voice
You're too important to blend in

Be proud of what you and your organisation stand for. Cast off the shackles. Speak from your heart.

Your authentic voice matters, and we’ll help you discover it.

Tone of Voice Review

Maybe you have TOV guidelines already and need an expert set of eyes on them? We’ll help you tighten things up going forward.

Typically includes reviewing your current guidelines and how you feel about them, exploring how you’d like to come across, identifying unique strengths, and making your TOV easy for anyone to follow.

Prices start from £800

A Refreshing Change

Your organisation or brand has moved on, but your TOV guidelines haven’t kept pace. They’ll soon be fresher than a mountain stream.

Typically includes discussing where your current guidelines are missing the mark, bridging any gaps, how to put your audience first, and drafting revised guidelines to help you shine even brighter.

Prices start from £1200

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Start From Scratch

This service is for new brands/organisations and those that don’t have tone of voice guidelines. Unearth your hidden voice.

Typically includes audience & competitor research, identifying your values, how to discover your hidden voice, alignment with your goals, and simple, practical guidelines to keep things consistent.

Prices start from £1600

Our 3-step process
How we'll work with you to bring your true tone of voice to the fore

Making sure your tone of voice is consistent with your aims and values.

Your Voice, Not Ours

Our job is to help uncover your hidden voice, not impose our ideas.


You’ll get a unique set of TOV guidelines with clear instructions on using them.

Why tone of voice matters
In a 'sea of sameness', you need to stand out for all the right reasons

A consistent tone and messaging are crucial for brand awareness and engagement.


If your tone of voice doesn’t reflect your values and personality, it’s time to take action.


Amazing things happen when you let go of fear and start communicating with your hidden voice.


We found Jamie’s knowledge, insight and creativity both impressive and educational.

Let us help you find your hidden voice

Contact us with any questions or to take the first step.

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