Simplicity sells
Clear, fresh copywriting that shines

There’s a lot of work that goes into great copywriting. This includes keyword and audience research, on-page SEO, consumer psychology, clarity, and powerful calls to action.

Lots of websites look fantastic, but the copy lets them down.

With all the talk of a recession, it’s more important than ever for your websites to convert.

DIY copy might seem like the best idea to save money. It can hurt a business, though, if it’s written in small chunks over many months or by someone with little experience.

Let me take care of all things copywriting so you and your clients can save time and get better results.


Every article I write is well-researched with a clear purpose in mind. With thousands of articles under my belt, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Typically includes a briefing questionnaire, audience & competitor research, keyword research, metadata, and a clear alignment with your goals.

Guide price £150 per article


Does your website content need a revamp? Are you planning a new site and need help crafting your messaging? My copywriting and SEO experience will help.

Typically includes a briefing questionnaire, competitor analysis, alignment with your goals, product/service research, finding customer pain points and more.

Guide price £200 per page

Case study
Case Studies

Having worked in agencies myself, I think case studies aren’t used to their full potential to show credibility and win new business.

Typically includes a briefing questionnaire, identifying a clear structure, exploring how audience pain points were addressed, client interviews and a case study promotion plan.

Prices dependent on project scope

copywriting made simple
I can take your copy from base camp towards the summit:
What will it cost?

Typically the same or less than if you or your clients write the copy in-house. It will also generate a better long-term return.

What's your experience?

I’ve worked in web agencies, so I understand the opportunities. I’ve written for companies including eBay, LinkedIn and Hilton.

What makes you different?

I have a creative brain that rarely switches off. I combine that with a single-minded focus on getting results for my clients.

3 reasons to choose The Hidden Voices
I can help you soar when you're feeling stuck
Man in nature
Not sure where to start?

You may feel like you have a mountain to climb with your content, but I can help you plan a clear route.

Woman on bench
Too much on your plate?

I can ease the pressure of trying to communicate your message. Focus on other priorities, and let me take care of your copywriting.

Need another revenue stream?

Increase your monthly income by selling my copywriting services to your new and existing clients.

Web Agency

Jamie is a rare breed indeed. As a digital agency, we have been trying to find a copywriter who not only excels in his craft but, more importantly, can extend his talents to creating engaging content for the web that keeps customers engaged and Google coming back for more.

If this wasn’t enough, his patient and understanding demeanour and commitment to keeping client promises make Jamie the real deal.

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