Do you need a helping hand?
It's time for you to make a splash

You and your clients might want to write all your copy in-house.

Who am I to say you shouldn’t?

You might want to make sure you’re on the right track though before launching a website or rolling out a new content marketing strategy.

If you’d like some help in the form of a fresh set of eyes, I can provide the benefit of my 16 years’ copywriting experience.

This will help save you time and money while generating better results.

See how I can help below.

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Content Review

If your client has spent a four or five-figure sum on a new website and written the copy themselves, there’s a risk it won’t deliver a good ROI.

Rather than paying for a copywriter to craft everything from scratch, I can review what’s been written and provide structured and easy-to-follow feedback. This means the copy will be the best it can be before the site’s published.

Depending on the amount of copy to be looked over, this could take from as little as half a day but provide you and your clients with peace of mind.

Blogging Strategy

Lots of blogs get started with good intentions and then the day-to-day of agency/business life kicks in and there’s tumbleweed everywhere!

You and your clients may not have the time to think about a proper strategy for your blog and how it can help meet your business goals. Do you have clear content pillars? Do you have a plan to create content for each stage of the sales funnel?

I can guide you through the process and put a clear strategy in place whether you want to write content in-house or use a copywriter.

Pitches and Proposals

How many of your pitches and proposals are successful? Do they all follow a similar format with just a few key details tweaked?

I’ve crafted content for winning pitches throughout my career, ranging from small websites right through to sizeable content marketing strategies. Prospective customers know when a web agency has gone the extra mile.

I can get involved at the start or cast a keen eye over what you’ve prepared. I’d never help two different agencies pitch for the same job!

Why work with me?
Content expertise on call
An Opinion You Can Trust

I’ve written for organisations including eBay, LinkedIn, Hilton Group and many of the world’s big banks.

Get Rid of Guesswork

I’ve done the hard yards over the years so know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t launch and hope for the best.

Save Time

Pitching for new work doesn’t need to take up so much of your time. Let me take some of the strain.

it's time to take flight
What have you got to gain?
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Free up your time

My input will give you clarity and freedom to focus more on the things you love.

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A fresh perspective

Chatting through ideas with someone outside your usual circle can help inspire something incredible.

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Reach your targets

Whether your targets are financial, based on awareness, engagement or something else, I can help you and your clients get from where you are now to where you want to be.


Jamie was a real asset to the team and was always helping with new ideas around how we could gain followers and raise more money.

Focused on results

Waffle-free consultancy that makes an impact.