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Sing in your own voice

My consultancy services will help you soar by using your unique voice.

I’ll set you on your way with the right approach for success. The rest comes down to you putting that into practice.

My strategy, plus your voice, will be a powerful combination.

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Content Audit

Where do you turn when you’re not seeing the results you’d like from your content? Your content audit will find areas where it can work harder and give you easy steps to follow to make it shine.

Typically includes reviewing clarity, audience engagement, calls to action, structure, relevance, competitor analysis, identifying gaps, tone of voice and more. Get in touch for a tailored quote based on your goals.

Prices start from £800

Sounding Board

If you’re looking for advice on your tone of voice, content strategy, or identifying your content pillars, my experience will make things clearer. Get jargon-free advice that provides great value.

Typically includes reviewing your content before the call, completing a short questionnaire, preparing a clear meeting agenda, identifying goals and outcomes, giving practical advice, and a post-call summary with agreed actions.

Calls £100/1 hour | £175/2 hours

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LinkedIn for Charities

Are you missing out by not being active on LinkedIn? I can show you how to raise your profile, tell your stories and drive donations for your charity. It’s time to take another look at LinkedIn.

Typically includes reviewing and optimising your company page, identifying your core content pillars, finding your audience, tips on how to increase engagement & measure success, and easy-to-follow posting frameworks.

Prices start from £400

Reach new heights
Content expertise on call
An Opinion You Can Trust

I’ve written, edited copy, and carried out content audits for organisations of all sizes worldwide.

Bright Ideas

When you’re stuck in a creative rut or would like to have a quick brainstorm, I’m all ears and ideas.

Bringing Stories to Life

Is your charity’s LinkedIn profile non-existent or in need of a spark? My strategy will kick-start more support.

it's time to take flight
What have you got to gain?
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Free up your time

My input will give you clarity and freedom to focus more on the things you love.

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A fresh perspective

Chatting through ideas with someone outside your usual circle can help inspire something incredible.

Father and daughter
Reach your targets

Whether your targets are financial, based on awareness, engagement or something else, I can guide you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Jamie was a real asset to the team and was always helping with new ideas around how we could gain followers and raise more money.

Focused on results

Waffle-free consultancy that makes an impact.

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