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There may be tough times ahead for digital agencies with all the recession chat.

You can choose to put the brakes on or put your foot down.

Great writing that brings in the right leads and new business will be worth its weight in gold.

I want you to flourish.

By working together, we can find the time and the right words so you and your clients can focus on steering the ship through stormy waters.

It’s time to be heard.

Copywriting with a magic megaphone will cut through the noise.


I’m focused on helping you and your clients get results. What problems are you solving for your audience? Does your copy convert or fail to hit the mark? Get a better outcome.

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Not everyone wants to use a copywriter. That’s cool. There’s no reason why you can’t tap into my expertise though to set a strong foundation.

Skylark Personal Branding

Every agency owner has a unique background, set of skills and experience. I’ll help you shout on LinkedIn about what makes you special.

Michael Salmon

Jamie is a very talented writer and a bloody nice guy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jamie in a client-agency relationship and as a freelance resource to tda!

Jamie is quick to brief, asks great questions and comes up with creative copy that delivers. We view Jamie as an extension of our own team and I’m very happy to recommend him.

Managing Director and Founder at The Digital Age Ltd (tda!)
My 3-step process
Bringing your project to life

An initial chat to find out more about your aims and what you’re looking for.


I’ll come back to you with a clear proposal and a fixed project price.


I’ll gather any extra info needed and get to work.

core values
All my services have these three qualities at their heart:
Clarity is everything

You need to be crystal clear about your audience, what makes them tick and how to engage them. Your messaging also needs clarity to succeed.

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Tapping into creativity

I’m never short of ideas. The secret is using these in the right way to stay true to your tone of voice and goals. Often, the simplest ones are the best.

Focused on results

Copywriting is only good if it works. My aim is to get your audience to take the action you want them to. Simple as that.

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