Seven sign
7 simple ways to make your writing more authentic
You’re not just up against your competitors. You’re battling for people’s attention like never before. If your or your organisation’s voice is blending in, here are seven ways to start...
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Hanging lights
This 9-point checklist will make you more creative
Everyone has creativity within them. Sometimes, it's our environment that makes it more difficult. And the stories we tell ourselves. I've had periods in my life when creativity has been...
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Clear water
11 easy ways to make your content clearer
When you confuse your readers, you lose your readers. So here are 11 ways to keep your writing clear and people engaged. Before you start writing Clarity comes from having...
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Boy with microphone
The Hidden Voices Story
The idea for The Hidden Voices came to me one day from nowhere. I was sitting on an old tree branch at the top of Byres Hill in East Lothian,...
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