Laptop thief
How to write video and animation scripts – steal my 7-step process
Steal my 7-step process for writing compelling animation and video scripts. You know, only if you want to. Don't feel obliged. 😉   Here's what I do once I've read...
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Easy life street sign
11 easy ways to repurpose your blog posts
Are your blog posts a one-link wonder? For example, do you hit publish and then post the link to your site once on all your social platforms? Taking the time...
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Red and yellow trainers
Is your digital agency different enough?
When I started this Thursday Thoughts series, I didn't expect to write about petrol at all, never mind two weeks in a row. I was out in the car at...
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Gas station
Websites don’t come with a warning light
I'd like to tell you a little story in this week's Thursday Thoughts post. Jim's SatNav had packed up in the dry heat of the desert. His wife, Pauline, sat...
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When did you last update your web agency blog?
Every week, I'm going to write a short Thursday Thoughts post looking at an issue affecting web agencies and their clients. Today's question is: "When did you last update your...
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Boy with microphone
The Hidden Voices Story
The idea for The Hidden Voices came to me one day from nowhere. I was sitting on an old tree branch at the top of Byres Hill in East Lothian,...
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