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I’m a freelance copywriter helping digital agencies and their clients get more business.

It can take ages to write anything when you’ve already got a day job to do.

You and your clients might not have the budget for a freelance copywriter. Here are some questions to think about though:

* What’s your hourly rate and the cost to your business of writing the copy yourself?

* How can you measure the longer term losses if your copy is sloppy and doesn’t convert?

* Does your copy solve a problem for your target audience and bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be?

Digital Agencies

When did you last update your blog or publish a new case study? Does your website copy sound similar to lots of other agencies? Are you following the advice you give to your clients?

Your Clients

Your clients have good intentions. How many times do they supply great copy on time and in the right format for their website? Do they ask for a blog and never update it?

Agency Owners

How active are you on LinkedIn? Do you have lots to say but can’t find the time to post regularly? Maybe you’d like someone to come up with content ideas for you?

When you and your clients write your copy, you could be shooting yourselves in the foot. A lot of work goes into copy that engages, persuades and converts. Learn about how I can help

Your agency team and your clients can’t know everything. Asking for an outside perspective on your content strategy/creation will save you time, guesswork and frustration. Find out more about my services

Are you a consistent face and online presence for your agency? If not, why not? You might struggle for time, ideas or haven’t gotten around to it yet. Fly high like a skylark

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"When I started out as a freelance web designer in Edinburgh, I needed a copywriter I could rely on to give my customers a great extra service. Jamie at The Hidden Voices has been first class in delivering content on time that's engaging and resulted in more business for my clients."


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